Capitalism Can Only Thrive in a Robust Democracy. As Democracy Weakens, Capitalism Rots

By: Dave Kingsley Democracy is becoming weaker in the United States and the economic system is becoming increasingly corrupt and inefficient.      The primary hallmarks of a well-functioning capitalistic system are competitive free-markets, disruption of stagnant companies and industries by … Continue reading

The Dysfunctional U.S. Political System: We Didn’t Get Here Overnight

By: The Editors As the American people stand before the precipice of disaster on a scale they cannot imagine, a minority of elected officials in Congress are bending the Nation’s legislative will toward special financial interests with no regard for … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party: Less Sudden than it May Appear

By: Max Skidmore It may appear as if Trump, a demagogic and bombastic outsider and political newcomer, suddenly seized one of America’s two major political parties, shaped it according to his whims, then dominated it entirely. The reality, however, is … Continue reading

Liberals & Democrats Need to Change the Conversation: Too Much of Our Federal Medical Care Funding is Flowing to the Wealthy

By: Dave Kingsley Rogue Corporations Scamming the System You may have never heard of Centene Corporation. But we need to talk about this company which derives most of its revenue from Medicaid – medical care for the poor. With revenue … Continue reading

What are the Causes of Outrageously Expensive U.S. Medical Care? Institutional Racism, Propaganda, & Privatization are Some Primary Causes.

By: Dave Kingsley Why Do Americans Put Up With Their Inferior, Costly, Medical Care System? My colleague Kent Comfort’s post today is a story to which most Americans can relate – astounding and inexplicable charges for an emergency room visit … Continue reading