The Dysfunctional U.S. Political System: We Didn’t Get Here Overnight

By: The Editors As the American people stand before the precipice of disaster on a scale they cannot imagine, a minority of elected officials in Congress are bending the Nation’s legislative will toward special financial interests with no regard for … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party: Less Sudden than it May Appear

By: Max Skidmore It may appear as if Trump, a demagogic and bombastic outsider and political newcomer, suddenly seized one of America’s two major political parties, shaped it according to his whims, then dominated it entirely. The reality, however, is … Continue reading

A Pandemic Hit Us in 2020 & Killed at Least 600,000 Americans: After a Century of Pandemic Experience, Our Government Was Derelict

By Max Skidmore* Prior to the COVID-19 virus landing on U.S. shores, scholars in government policy, infectious disease, and epidemiology were warning policymakers about the inevitability of novel viruses that would put the health of Americans at grave risk. They … Continue reading

U.S. Elders are a Massive Market for Government Funded Corporations, but They do not Have a Strong Lobby for Protection from Exploitation

One-fifth of the U.S. Population is 65+     The so-called “baby boom” which ranged from 1946 to 1964 was a phenomenal spurt in the U.S. birthrate.  In 1950, the U.S. population had reached 150.7 million, eight percent of which was … Continue reading

The Media & The Republicans Keep Screaming “Tax Increase” As Biden Attempts to Upgrade the U.S.: That’s Propaganda & Misinformation

Reducing Tax Expenditures is a Not Tax Hike When the Clinton Administration made major reductions in welfare benefits, Republicans and the media didn’t call that particular policy change a “tax cut.” It was a reduction in benefits for the ostensible … Continue reading