Liberals & Democrats Need to Change the Conversation: Too Much of Our Federal Medical Care Funding is Flowing to the Wealthy

By: Dave Kingsley Rogue Corporations Scamming the System You may have never heard of Centene Corporation. But we need to talk about this company which derives most of its revenue from Medicaid – medical care for the poor. With revenue … Continue reading

Lobbyists for the Nursing Home Industry are Pleading Financial Hardship on Behalf of the Corporations they Represent: Advocates & Activists Need to Debunk that False Narrative

By Dave Kingsley A Government Funded Service that Requires Heart & Soul has been Turned over to Businesses that have no Heart and no Soul Corporations in the nursing home industry do what corporations do – they make as much … Continue reading

The Financial Performance of “Nursing Home” Corporations during the COVID Pandemic, Part I: The Ensign Group

By: Dave Kingsley Introduction The long-term care industry is paid by federal and state governments to care for medically fragile patients. That is an awesome responsibility. Historically, the industry has failed to provide the level of quality expected in a … Continue reading