The DNC, President Obama, and Change We Can’t Believe In

During the past week, I have received three phone calls from the DNC.  Rather, I have received three phone calls from DNC-hired fundraisers.  They wanted money.  I thought my crankiness during the first call would have been warning enough about me as a difficult customer to give pause to any subsequent caller.  But naively, I failed to realize that I am just a name in a database through which a dialing machine churns– nothing more, nothing less.

Why would I give these people money?  I have already blogged about the “Obama/DNC Listening Tour” that I attended (during which no one was listening).  Now I see that President Obama will be sinking us deeper into the quagmire of Afghanistan.  Did he forget that he is president by virtue of Hillary Clinton’s vote on the Iraq War?  Had it not been for her militarism, she would be president instead of Barack Obama.  He was the anti-war candidate.

President Obama’s tepid support for real health care reform has indeed been puzzling.  Is he willing to make more deals with Blanche Lincoln, Joe Lieberman, Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson?  Will the DNC be giving these obstructionists to decency and social justice money to run their next campaigns?  I want to know that.  I would rather support  primary candidates against these destructive, pro-Republican turncoats.  Rahm Emanual can tell us that we are f…ing stupid for criticizing another Democrat, which he has said.  Since he is a big part of the problem these days, I would say,  f… him.

Apparently, Emanual has been successful in purging Greg Craig from the Obama Administration.  This is a bad sign.  Craig was one of the members of the president’s inner circle who was pushing for adherence to the spirit of the Obama campaign.  That was a campaign that inspired many of us to give money, walk neighborhoods in Missouri, and heartily celebrate Barack Obama’s election

I think we need a very quick and serious course correction by President Obama at this juncture in his administration. 

2 thoughts on “The DNC, President Obama, and Change We Can’t Believe In

  1. Great points David. My wife and I contributed to and campaigned for Oboma’s presidential campaign. I don’t feel he or the Congessional democrats have lived up to their promises. We want courageous leadership and aren’t getting it.

  2. Yes I agree about the “Donate, Donate, Donate” campaigns going on all the time….maddeningly irritating at the very least. In fact I would like to ask my campaign contributions money back. What’s the refund policy on that? I voted for a no-war President not a Bush-look-alike. Rahm Emmanual is also looking more and more like Karl Rove!!

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