Ghandi was once asked what he thought of Western Civilization.  He thought about it for a moment and then replied, “It would be a nice idea.”  What can we say about a society that pours unlimited amounts of money into war and won’t provide adequate support for a decent program to keep elderly and disabled citizens in their homes in lieu of institutionalization?  Senator Claire McCaskill could have done something decent and civilized on Friday.  She could have voted for the Community Living Assistance Services & Support Act (CLASS).  It was a pet project of Senator Kennedy.  It did pass, but it passed with Senator McCaskill and eleven other Democrats voting against it.

Instead of joining the Democratic majority and voting for it, she voted with that cabal of mean-spirited, hypocritical group of Senate Democrats such as Kent Conrad of South Dakota.  She voted against a bill providing for a voluntary, modest premium by workers to be paid into a fund to provide services should they become disabled and unable to meet their daily living needs but with some assistance can stay in their homes.  Senator McCaskill thinks this would be a “drain” on the federal budget.  In fact, the impact of this humane program on the U.S. budget would be, at worst, de minimus.

I like Claire McCaskill.  That is why I find her vote on the CLASS Act inexplicable.  I expect this narrow-mindedness from Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Kent Conrad, and a few other Democrats in the Senate.  But I think Senator McCaskill is better than that.  That is why I am willing to drive over to Missouri and walk door to door for her.  I understand that Missouri is a tough place for Democrats, but she wouldn’t have been hurt by voting for this bill.

I wonder if the readers of this blog are as fed up with the health care deficit hawk grandstanding of some of these Democrats as I am.  Claire McCaskill’s phone numbers are:

Washington, DC:  202 228 6326                                   Kansas City, MO:  816 228 6326