The decency of health care access for all Americans is about more than health care. It is about the direction this Country will take in the decades ahead. Will the Republican Party’s proto-fascist-white male-Southern-rural philosophy of a society of, by, and for the wealthy classes and oppression of the rest of the population prevail? Or will the philosophy envisioned by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay in the Federalist Papers, by Thomas Paine in The Rights of Man, and by other founding philosophers prevail?

Although the disingenuous right wing has managed to manipulate scared and angry citizens into mob activity, i.e. the “tea baggers,” by such techniques as reducing Thomas Paine’s extensive and complex essays to a sound bite, the political philosophy of the ultra-right, billionaire funded movement against government is a perverse conglomeration of libertarianism, Christian theocracy, and plutocracy. These belief systems are not only contradictory but mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, this philosophical nonsense is foisted upon unsuspecting individuals by a coalition of self-interested industry groups (the health insurance industry), inheritors of mega-wealth (for instance, the Kochs and Mellons), and nouveau riche billionaires (e.g., Mackey of Whole Foods).

If you think this is merely abstract political theorizing, consider the recent religious-right wingers’ Koch funded bus trip across Kansas for the purpose of selling a state constitutional amendment that would prevent Kansans from receiving benefits of health care reform. What, might I ask, do theocrats such as Brenda Landwehr and Debbie Pilcher-Cook (both state legislators) have in common with self-appointed libertarian leaders like the Kochs? As Laura Bennetts has suggested in her comments to my last post in December, we progressives and liberals must recognize that the political process in January will be critical, as it will be well into the future. This blog will keep readers tuned in to the political process. Organization for action will be communicated under a separate communication mechanism. Watch for it!