What can we say about the election of a right wing, reactionary Republican in a blue state like Massachusetts?  Well, we can say that the rest of the nation might stop asking “What’s the matter with Kansas?”  We can say that the voters of Massachusetts will find out what it means to be represented by a reactionary Republican senator.  We will know what they think when Brown has to run again in 2014.

Maybe the Democrats will realize that they don’t appear to be tough, committed, and ready to go to the wall for what they believe and , because of that image, they don’t have respect.  Maybe they will realize that it is no use to reach out to “junk yard dog Republicans and tea bag agitators.”  Maybe they will come up with a message about core values, learn how to get it out, and show that they are willing to fight for the people rather than insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

It remains to be seen if Democrats can figure this out.  Senator Jim Webb is already suggesting that Democrats just run for cover.  I wonder if it has ever occurred to the DNC and the mainstream Democrats that they are letting the right wing write the narrative and convince independents and even some Democrats that “Democrat means “government,” means “bad.” 

I hope President Obama takes Ed Koch’s advice and governs like he doesn’t care if he gets reelected.  We will see signs of that when he fires Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers, and Rahm Emanual and sends them back to Wall Street.  We will see signs of it when he sends a public works bill to congress that provides the jobs that private industry can’t or won’t.  We will see signs of it when he fights like hell for consumer protection.  We will see signs of it when he fights for a fair tax code that stops the redistribution of wealth to the wealthiest few.

If he does these things and more, and the Democrats have the chutzpah to support him, this election will just be a blip in the road.  Without some chutzpah, the Democrats will be in real trouble.