I find it interesting that Republican governors of the reddest of the red states where government regulation and oversight are, to say the least, detested, are screaming at President Obama to fix a catastrophe caused by lax oversight and free rein for the oil companies.  In fact, preventative measures were ignored and no technology was in place for reacting to a possible blow out at 5000 feet under water. This is just the way the Republicans want it to be.  Furthermore, the 1300 off-shore wells in the Gulf of Mexico weren’t put there during the Obama Administration.  This drilling has taken place for decades without much, if any, protest from the on-shore business people now screaming about the loss of their livelihood.

It is really sickening to see the loony-tunes team of Carville and Matalin running around braying and bleating with Anderson Cooper about the poor job President Obama is doing handling this crisis.  What the hell is he supposed to do?  He has obviously been told by oil industry moguls that technology was in place to prevent this type of catastrophe.  OK so he didn’t have time to run out and get his degree in petroleum engineering so that he could figure it out for himself.  Although he is very smart, perhaps he is human.

Mary Matalin is Dick Cheney’s pal.  She has been one of the leading Republican cheerleaders for “starving the beast,” otherwise known as disassembling the Federal government.  In addition, I can remember her laughing and cheering for the “drill baby drill” crowd at the last Republican convention.

We can destroy the oceans quickly or more slowly and systematically over a longer period of time as we are now doing. The red state Republicans who are derisive about global warming could explain to us how acidification of the oceans due to increasing CO2 in the atmosphere will eventually affect the fishing industry in the Gulf, amongst other places.  I suspect that efforts to reduce burning of hydrocarbons through major changes in mileage standards, speed limits, public transportation, etc., etc., etc., and so on and so forth will be vociferously, emphatically, and forcefully opposed by the likes of Bobby Jindal, and the other red state governors.   So let’s just let them figure out how we are going to save our oceans on which they appear to be so dependent.

I don’t think we should be drilling one damn oil well in the Gulf of Mexico or any other ocean.