Dirty Holcomb Power Plant - Now They Want Another One

If you are opposed to building a power plant that will pollute the air, further stress the Ogallala Aquifer, provide benefit only to one county in Kansas and an empire building power company, then you can help stop it by showing up early at public hearings on the permitting process.  Get your name on the docket and get a seat before Sunflower Electric has a chance to pack the place.

The following schedule has been taken from the GPACE website (

KDHE Public Hearing Schedule

  • The public comment period for Sunflower’s Holcomb Station coal plant is open from July 1 – August 15. Public comments can be submitted to KDHE anytime during that period.
  • August 2 in Overland Park at 2:00 PM Blue Valley Northwest High School (135th and Switzer)
  • August 4 in Salina at 2:00 PM Highway Patrol Training Center Auditorium (2025 East Iron)
  • August 5 in Garden City at 2:00 PM Garden City Community College Joyce Auditorium (801 Campus Drive)
  • Hearings will break at 5:00 PM and reconvene at 6:30 PM, continuing until all verbal and written comments have been submitted.
  • Those wishing to deliver verbal comments must sign up at the hearing location at either 2:00 PM or 6:30 PM. For more information, visit KDHE’s Website.

I will be there because I love the State of Kansas and can’t stand what is happening to it.  Maybe other parts of the country think that we should be a dumping ground for polluting power plants, irrigated corn and the like but I plan to fight back!

My great grandfather homesteaded on the Smokey River in the late 1800s.  My father raised wheat and cattle near Cedar Bluff Reservoir without center pivot irrigation and nitrous ammonia.  As a small child I was with him when he and the other farmers and ranchers put up the REA power lines so that we had electricity. 

Now we have gone from real farming to producing the raw ingredients of the corn-based U.S. diet.  It seems to matter not if we are ruining our soil and depleting a precious aquifer.  We have a State legislature hell bent on building a dirty power plant for the benefit of one small part of the state and other parts of the energy wasting U.S. that will get the electricity from this power plant.  All of this is happening for the sake of short term profit, greed, and selfishness!