The Kochs are seen as the money and power behind the recent spate of radical governors who came into office to wage a war on the middle class. However, they are only one amongst 23 major corporations behind the movement to reduce the rights and economic security of  workers.  Radical, right-wing governors that came to power in the 2010 elections are unified in their radical actions through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is funded by a cabal of major corporations (see list below).

Kasich, governor of Ohio, and a host of other conservatives were driving forces behind ALEC, which was organized to reduce state governments to nothing more than entities to promote business through tax breaks and to eliminate worker protection through reduction or elimination of unemployment, workers comp, public employee unions, Medicaid, etc..  They also are determined to eliminate environmental protections.  You can read the ALEC version of its history at:


The following is a list of the ALEC “Private Enterprise Board:”

  • W. Preston Baldwin – Centerpoint360
  • Sano Blocker – Energy Future Holdings
  • Don Bohn – Johnson & Johnson
  • Jeff Bond – PhRMA
  • Bill Carmichael – American Bail Coalition
  • Derek Crawford – Kraft Foods, Inc.
  • John Del Giorno – GlaxoSmithKline
  • Matt Echols – Coca Cola
  • Jim Epperson, Jr. – AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Michael Hubbert – Pfizer, Inc.
  • Teresa Jennings – Reed Elsevier, Inc.
  • Ken Lane – DIAGEO
  • Kelly Mader – Peabody Energy
  • Bernie McKay – Intuit
  • Mike Morgan – Koch Industries
  • Kevin Murphy – ExxonMobil Corp.
  • Sandra Oliver – Bayer Corporation
  • David Powers – Reynolds American Inc.
  • Maggie Sans – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  • Russell Smoldon – Salt River Project
  • Toby Spangler – Altria Client Services, Inc.
  • Roland Spies – State Farm Insurance Co.
  • Pat Thomas – United Parcel Service

Although these companies are being rewarded with huge tax breaks and relieved of responsibility for the environment and workers, they will not be providing more jobs because state government largesse is directed their way.  Quite the opposite will be happening.  In general, these corporations will increasingly eliminate jobs through globalization and cybernation (robotics and artificial intelligence).  Furthermore, they will continue to feast off of the taxpayers as a result of privatization of governmental services – a major objective of conservative fanatics.

It should be mentioned that the board members of ALEC (not the corporate board) is comprised of state legislators of the theocratic, Christian, right wing variety.  State Senator Susan Wagle of Kansas is a board member.  Anyone who knows anything about Susan Wagle knows what is meant by the theocratic, Christian, right wing.

The ALEC staff includes the illustrious Arthur Laffer who happens to be famous for the “Laffer Curve,” (perhaps “laughable curve” is a better term), which serves as the underlying theoretical justification for “trickle down” economics.  The latest heavy duty project of Mr. Laffer and his fellow staffers is a request for all of the e-mails of a highly respected University of Wisconsin history professor who wrote a New York Times op ed piece they didn’t like.  Academic freedom for liberals and moderates is not a major objective of ALEC.


    • Thanks for the comment Peggy. You are right. People have to begin to look at who is behind union busting, health care busting, EPA busting, etc. Also, what is their end game?

  1. Great piece, Dave. ALEC has been a right wing data bank for state legislaturesfor years.

    • Right Steve. We have a whole network of these well funded organizations designed to undermine workers and the environment. It is my intention to begin to feature them – one at a time. Watch for a piece on the Committee for A Responsible Federal Budget – coming soon.

  2. I just wrote a “blog entry” following an article about Gov. Brownback’s choice for the SRS’s head and mentioned some of the above topics. I connected the religiosity to Brownback’s and Moran’s (and other Republicans/Democrats) attachment to “The Family,” who believe in the prosperity doctrine; those who have prosperity, bestowed by God b/c they’re special, are those who God wants as leaders of the world. Or, America, at least.


  3. And this all differs from fascism, how? If only there were still some witches to be found! What a shame and a disgrace to the term “democracy!”

  4. David, a mutual friend suggested I feature your site on my new Kansas organizing portal at http://voskansas.wordpress.com/, which I am doing. If you visit the site, you’ll find contact information. I’d love to communicate about this outside the brief comments section, so I hope you have a moment to check it out.

  5. Great work David! Let your voice ring through the prairie and beyond… Looking forward to hearing more!

  6. These 1% are destroying this country. We must not allow this to happen.
    I would love to have a list of all members to allow as many as I can to boycott.
    Hit them where it hurts. The Koch brothers are a hugh or leader of these organizations I am so disappointed..

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