Watch this Space for Our Upcoming Interview with Michelle Neufeld, Manager of the Pleasant View Nursing Home in Inman, Kansas – A Home-Like Alternative to the Typical Skilled Nursing Institution

Five churches of different denominations, coming together in a small town in central Kansas to build a caring alternative to the typical nursing home institution, is a story we want to tell.  Hence, Kent Comfort will be interviewing Michelle Neufeld, the manager of Pleasant View nursing home in Inman, Kansas. The video of the interview will be posted on this blog.

Let’s face it, people overwhelming disdain nursing homes and never want to be in one.  The reason for that widespread attitude is the dehumanizing conditions people experience when they can no longer stay in their homes. The trauma of leaving our lifeworld of living space, family, friends, pets, neighborhood and enter a depersonalized medical institution to share a room with a stranger is something none of us ever want to experience.

I made a visit to Pleasant View during which I had the opportunity to speak with employees and residents.  The high rate of satisfaction in the home is palpable.  So, yes we can! We can provide long-term care that respects the dignity of patients. This enlightened alternative to the current system of long-term care is a model that is feasible.  We want our readers to know about it.

By Dave Kingsley