The State of Long-Term Care in America: Video interview with Professor Charlene Harrington, UCSF

Check out our Tallgrass Economics podcast interview with Professor Charlene Harrington. Professor Harrington is a gerontologist, registered nurse, and holds a PhD in sociology. She has made extensive contributions to the scholarly literature pertaining to long-term care, and is well known across the United States for her vast knowledge and presentations before legislative and regulatory bodies. Dr. Harrington has important insights to share pertaining to the current state of nursing home and senior care in America.

Kent Comforts interview with Professor Harrington can be accessed at:

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Dave Kingsley

To better disseminate information about the current nature of the senior living industry, the condition of Social Security & Medicare, and other issues pertaining to the economics and politics of aging, we will be conducting interviews with professionals, workers, politicians, and others with something important to say about the elderly and the political economy.

Kent Comfort’s interview with Professor Charlene Harrington will be posted in the next day or two. We feel that sharing professor Harrington’s vast experience, accomplishments, and knowledge in the field of long-term care is invaluable for informing all Americans who would like to see the United States move toward a more humane form of care in nursing homes. For instance, her comments on the Norwegian system of long-term care are of importance to understanding what could be instead of what is.