Is the Kansas Attorney General a Democrat?

According to the Lawrence Journal World today, the “Democratic” Kansas Attorney General doesn’t know whether or not he will join Republicans in opposing the health care reform legislation passed by the Democrats.  He’s got to be kidding.  His stance on capital punishment is not good but his “mulling over” a law suit against the Obama Administration’s and the Democratic U.S. Congress’s health reform legislation is beyond the pale.

I plan to let him know that I will not support him in the next election if he continues down this road.  I hope everyone reading this will do the same.

0 thoughts on “Is the Kansas Attorney General a Democrat?

  1. Apparently, the Oregon attorney general is filing suit in favor of the health care law. He should do the same.

    We will have to revisit the health care issue in a few years as it won’t stop the rising cost of premiums. The lobbyists took out the provision creating an authority which would regulate premium increases. Also, without a public option, there is no incentive to keep costs down.

    Eventually, we will have to move toward Medicare for All gradually. First expand Medicare to those 55-64, then 0-18, then those 45-54, etc.