Leonard Zeskind Speaks at the Jewish Community Center and Says “Organize Against the Militias”

Yesterday I attended a talk by Leonard Zeskind at the Lawrence Jewish Community Center.  Leonard is the author of Blood and Politics:  The History of the White Nationalist Movement – From the Margins to the Mainstream.  I have known Leonard for a couple of decades and admire his knowledge about the anti-semitic, racist right wing.  I also admire his dedication to researching and reporting about the activities of groups like the Christian Identiy Movement, the neo-Nazis, as well as his work on connections of extremists  to the mainstream through the Heritage Foundation, Pat Buchanan and the like.

Leonard’s work has appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The American Prospect, and The Nation.  He has received a McArthur genius award.

The militia movement and a large share of the so-called Tea Party have an affinity for the government-hating violent fringe.  Timothy McVeigh was, for instance, a follower of William Pierce, neo-Nazi and author of the Turner Diaries.  You may have noticed that the Tea Partiers went packing their guns to Washington, D.C. on April 19th – the anniversary of McVeigh’s terrorist attack on the Murrah Federal building in which 168 innocent people, including children lost their lives.  You will gain an in-depth understanding of this movement in Blood & Politics.

Leonard explained that the current surge in militias did not take place in states in the Northwest such as Montana.  The reason:  statewide organizations were formed to oppose them.  He also doesn’t see any point in attempting to have a dialogue with these extremists.   

On Wednesday, April 28th at 7:00 PM, Leonard will be speaking at the Kansas City Union Station exhibit on Scientific Racism.  I highly recommend hearing him speak.