With cuts in resources for public education these days, teachers are being fired.  Many “liberal” older listeners to NPR might think that public radio would be tuned into the types of negative stereotypes and discrimination that accompany employment actions.  No so.  On June 2nd, NPR correspondent Larry Abramson presented a segment entitled “In Teacher Layoffs, Seniority Rules.  But Should It?”

The report bemoaned the layoff of younger teachers due to seniority.  The implication of the entire segment is that seniority laws unduly protect older “slugs” who just happen to have been around a long time.  Below is a picture of Christa Krohn, described in the report as “one of those perky, vivacious teachers every parent wants for their child.”

Christa Krohn, a math teacher in the Cleveland school district, was laid off.

Hey what parents want a 50 something old person with 25 years of teaching experience around their kid.  How about this:  there are many promising young teachers graduating from college who should have a fair chance to fulfill their career goals in education.  It isn’t about old or young teachers.  Due to budget cuts, we are cheating our children by laying off teachers.  Period.  End of story.  It is on the social justice of offering all children a decent education that NPR should be focusing.

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