Here is the kind of truth that voters will learn about Social Security if the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress go along with the Peter G. Peterson led capitalist-elite-assault on Social Security benefits:

In the early 1980s, Social Security was in a position to pay out more than it was taking in.  By law, that cannot happen (it is a “pay-go” system).  A commission led by Alan Greenspan recommended an increase in the Social Security dedicated payroll tax (now at 6.2% for employees) as well as benefit reductions.  In 1983, these recommendations were legislated into existence by Congress.

The payroll tax increase and benefit reductions have resulted in a huge surplus – SS can take in more than it pays out.  Today, the Social Security Trust Fund has amassed a $3 trillion surplus, which makes this “pay-go” system, as it is now operating, solvent into the foreseeable future.

The problem is this:

The power-elite doesn’t want to pay its fair share of taxes.  As a result, for the past three decades, Congress has been cutting taxes for the capitalist ruling class while borrowing the SS surplus created by a payroll tax increase on us working stiffs.  At $108,000 in today’s dollars, the tax is no longer deducted.  Hence, those corporate executives, football coaches, etc., who are paid millions, only pay the 6.2% on payroll up to $108,000.  Most of us never make it and pay the full freight.

This regressive tax was intended for our retirement at the benefit level promised.  We have paid into the fund for three decades with that understanding.  Now we are hearing that the surplus created by our hard work and sweat was borrowed to fund tax cuts for the rich, war, bank bailouts, and other subsidies for the upper classes.  Actually, the Social Security Trust Fund loaned the surplus to the Federal Government in the form of bonds on which interest is owed.  Now the wealthy class doesn’t want the government to pay it back!  These deadbeats want to avoid the necessity of any tax increases on them and intend to manipulate the Congress and Obama administration into defaulting on the debt owed to retirees.