For several months now, the Tallgrass Activist has been warning readers about the deficit reduction commission created by President Obama through an executive order.  From the get go, it has been my belief that this is a set up for reducing Social Security and Medicare benefits.  Having attended the Peter G. Peterson Foundation sponsored America Speaks phony baloney town hall meeting in Overland Park on Saturday, I am firmly convinced that the power-elite is pulling the strings on this whole process and have already convinced a wide swath of policymakers and the American public that it makes sense to make a host of cuts such as pushing the SS retirement age to at least age 69 and even further as later generations come into the system.

All organizations fighting for social justice in this country need to come together and fight recommendations certain to be put forward in a sham process led by such resident experts/lackeys as Alice Rivlin, OMB director in the Clinton Administration (she was front and center at the America Speaks town halls on Saturday).  During appearances at the town halls by a plethora of conservative Republican and Democratic politicians such as Senators Gregg Judd and Kent Conrad and the extremist right-wing Congressman Paul Ryan, it was made very clear that the town halls were part and parcel of the official deficit reduction commission. HARD TO BELIEVE, BUT IT IS TRUE!

Everyone already knows that Republicans would kill SS and Medicare – consider some of the crazies running on the Republican ticket these days such as the nutty woman running against Harry Reid in Nevada.  However, when the masses become more tuned into the true condition of the SS Trust Fund – and they will – the political fallout will be especially severe for Democrats who show a willingness to go along with deficit hawk commissions.